Residential Propane Solutions

Residential Tank exchange/Delivery

Make the most out of your outdoor time, never worrying about running out of propane, or having to run out to refill it in the middle of grilling. Our doorstep tank exchange provides safe, convenient and hassle-free delivery.

Residential & Commercial Heater Rentals

Our fully serviced and inspected patio heaters are not only a convenient and efficient way to keep your guests warm, but they’re also perfect for commercial establishments looking to add or expand their outdoor seating.

RV tank deliveries

Our program for recreational vehicles focuses on refilling your tank. However, if you have a 20LB tank you would like to exchange, we can definitely do so. We can also arrange to have larger propane tanks installed on-site to add convenience and peace of mind.

Tank Certification

With New West Propane you don’t need to bring the tank to us. Simply check your tank’s certification sticker, and, if expired, you can contact us to pick up your tank for you at no additional cost

Delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective propane-powered solutions.

Commercial Propane Solutions

Commercial Propane Services

Never run out of propane again! Our program delivers propane automatically, tailored to your propane usage.

Commercial Tank Exchange/Delivery

Commercial Tank Exchange/ Delivery

Tank exchange and new tank delivery service to restaurants, eateries, bars with outdoor seating and any other business Read more...

Commercial Heating

Commercial & Industrial Heating

Delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective propane-powered heating solution

Smart Remote Tank Monitoring

Delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective propane-powered heating solution

Space heating

• Cheaper than electricity, diesel and oil.
• Managed supply means you never run out.

Backup power

• Burns cleaner for less wear and tear. Can last years longer.
• No risk of spilling and no power outages.

Temporary power

• Free from moisture and emissions.
• Safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly.

Construction Propane Services

Worksite Heating Solutions – We provide heater rentals with comprehensive service and maintenance services.

Worksite Power Generation – Reliable, cost-effective generator rentals with worry-free maintenance, keeping your construction site running smoothly and budget-friendly.

Fuel Tanks – We offer fuel tank delivery, as well as fuel tank rental, storage and dispensing solutions.

Smart Refuelling – Our smart tank sensors eliminate  guesswork by monitoring propane levels and ensuring timely refills, ensuring seamless propane refueling.

Our policy is designed to eliminate waste and spills. Our team professional and knowledgeable and our goal is to always provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your work site.