Calgary Residential tank exchange and new tank delivery service

Residential tank exchange and new tank delivery service

New West Propane provides new and replacement barbecue & portable heater propane tank exchange to residential single-family homes and townhome residents.*

With our contact-free tank exchange program, we make sure you never have to leave your home to replace your tank. Make the most out of your outdoor time, never worrying about running out of propane, or having to run out to refill it in the middle of grilling. Our doorstep tank exchange provides safe, convenient and hassle-free delivery.**

Want a second tank or don’t have a tank to exchange? No problem! Choose either the New Tank or Starter kit options and we will deliver new full tanks.

COVID-19 prohibits indoor gatherings, is the perfect opportunity to have a backyard cookout with your family and neighbours while cozying up with your portable heater or table fireplace.

Our prices are comparable to doing it yourself, but with FREE DELIVERY within 2 business days.

If your tank is out of date, determined to be in poor condition or damaged to the point of needing repair, we will not be able to complete the exchange process. 

Stay home! Stay Safe! Stay Warm!

*Due to safety regulations, propane tank delivery to apartment buildings is not permitted.

**Due to safety regulations, New West Propane is not permitted to disconnect or connect any propane tanks.

Canada Recreational Vehicle Tank Refills and Exchanges

Recreational Vehicle Tank Refills and Exchanges

New West Propane can also refill the propane tank on your RV, motorhome, camper or trailer. With our Recreational Vehicle tank refill service, you only pay for the fuel you put in your tank, just you would at a gas station. That means we will NOT charge you the full price of a tank refill if your tank was not completely empty. You do not have to pay for the fuel you didn’t use, we will refund the difference! *Our refueling minimum is $40.00, so to make the most of this service your tank should be at least half empty. 

The best part? You can set a schedule to get your tank topped up (and never run out), or you can give us a call when you need it. We can also arrange to have larger propane tanks installed on site to add convenience and peace of mind.

Our program for recreational vehicles focuses on refilling your tank. However, if you have a 20LB tank you would like to exchange, we can definitely do so.

You can expect your order to arrive within 3 business days. We also offer guaranteed next-day and same-day delivery options, for an additional fee.

Commercial propane tank exchange and new tank delivery service

Commercial tank exchange and new tank delivery service

New West Propane offers tank exchange and new tank delivery service to restaurants, eateries and bars with outdoor seating. Since the pandemic started, more businesses have found innovative ways to keep patrons safe including expanding outdoor seating. 

The additional outdoor seating during months of the year when patios would normally be closed require more heaters and running them more often which of course requires considerably more propane. Our system allows you to request same day delivery or schedule regular deliveries multiple times a week.

Onsite propane tank delivery makes it convenient and easy to adapt to market conditions; restaurants are able to rent patio heaters on a short-term basis  then have them picked up when the demand abates. New West Propane will schedule regular pickups and deliveries for tanks of all sizes. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

propane patio heater rental calgary canada

Heater Rentals

New West Propane has propane patio heaters for rental for commercial and residential clients. Our 40,000 BTU patio heaters are available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.
Whether you want to host an outdoor party in your home, or would like to set up outdoor seating for your establishment, our propane patio heaters are the most efficient and cost-effective solution to enjoy chilly days outside.    


Contact us to rent your patio heater today.
tank certification canada

Tank Certification

Getting your propane tanks certified can be difficult and time-consuming. At New West Propane, we can pick up your tank, certify it and deliver the certified tank back to you. We can also sell you new certified tanks when recertification of your tank is not possible.
New West Propane can also provide larger tank setups for more permanent RV situations.
Contact us to learn more about tank certification.