Home Propane Tank Deliveries

Residential tank exchange and new tank delivery service


New West Propane provides new and replacement barbecue & portable heater propane tank exchange to residential single-family homes and townhome residents.*

With our contact-free tank exchange program, we make sure you never have to leave your home to replace your tank. Make the most out of your outdoor time, never worrying about running out of propane, or having to run out to refill it in the middle of grilling. Our doorstep tank exchange provides safe, convenient and hassle-free delivery.**

Want a second tank or don’t have a tank to exchange? No problem! Choose either the New Tank or Starter kit options and we will deliver new full tanks.

COVID-19 prohibits indoor gatherings, is the perfect opportunity to have a backyard cookout with your family and neighbors while cozying up with your portable heater or table fireplace.

Our prices are comparable to doing it yourself, but with FREE DELIVERY within 2 business days.

If your tank is out of date, determined to be in poor condition or damaged to the point of needing repair, we will not be able to complete the exchange process.

Stay home! Stay Safe! Stay Warm!

*Due to safety regulations, propane tank delivery to apartment buildings is not permitted.
**Due to safety regulations, New West Propane is not permitted to disconnect or connect any propane tanks.