Tank Recertification

Tank Certification

Transport Canada requires all refillable propane cylinders, or those storing more than five days’ worth of gas (such as 100lbs tanks used for camping), to be inspected and recertified every ten years. This ensures compliance as well as safety for everyone involved!

In order to recertify your propane tank, you usually need to bring it to a Transport Canada-approved facility to get it inspected and requalified. The difference with New West Propane is that you don’t need to bring the tank to us. Simply check your tank’s certification sticker, and, if expired, you can contact us to pick up your tank for you at no additional cost.

Getting your propane tanks certified can be difficult and time-consuming. After a few hours of driving around with the tank on the back of your car, you’ll be relieved to hand it over to a Certified Propane Tank Dealer without having to leave your house.

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At New West Propane, we can pick up your tank, certify it and deliver your newly certified tank back to you. We can also sell you new certified tanks when recertification of your propane tank is not possible. The best part, if you have a large 100lb tank you need to certify for your RV, we can also set it up for you after recertification.

Interested in having us pick up your propane tank to get it recertified? Contact us today to book your service.

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